What Do Kids Know About Gun Safety? WJZY Surprised by Answer

By Kevin Eck 

Charlotte’s Fox-owned station WJZY wanted to know what kids would do if they found a gun in the house.

So the station teamed up with the local Sheriff’s department to see what would happen if they stashed a gun in a room where kids were playing. The kids thought their parents were in a meeting, but they were actually watching to see what would happen.

Of the four kids in the mini experiment, all four thought the gun was a toy and pulled the trigger.

“It was real?” TJ said.

“I didn’t think it was a real gun so I just had to, I just wanted to play with it,” Madison said.

Outside of the studio another child explained to his mother how he determined it wasn’t a real gun.

“So I knew it wasn’t a real gun after I pulled the trigger…”

Sheriff Carmichael said parents have to teach their children: Don’t touch the gun, get an adult.