WHAS News Director Responds to Reports of Legal Troubles

By Kevin Eck 


>UPDATE: According to a letter from the City of Phoenix Municipal Court, all charges against Eure were dropped on 2/04/14.

Josh Eure, newly named news director for Louisville ABC affiliate WHAS is speaking out about reports of his legal issues before being named to the position.

TVSpy asked Eure to comment on an article in subscription media site Newsblues.com detailing his arrest record and subsequent dismissal of charges before he got the job at WHAS.

According to reports, he had a couple of minor traffic arrests but his final brush with the law came in December 2013 when he was allegedly pulled over arrested for DUI and alleged drug possession.

“It is unfortunate that this media source and well established “gossip” website has chosen to report the story inaccurately,” Eure said in a statement to TVSpy.

The facts surrounding this incident are a matter of public record and have been available for well over a month, however this website is clearly more interested in a salacious story than the facts.  It was a malicious attempt to assassinate my character, and my response to the story is as follows:

All of the charges brought against me were dismissed by the State of Arizona due to “No reasonable likelihood of conviction.”  End of story. Since the State itself has opted not to pursue its opportunity to “prove me guilty” it is unconscionable that I should stand accused by a gossip media website.

Although the gossip website in question certainly has access to these facts, they continue to defame my character, which I find both unprofessional and unacceptable. I’m moving forward from this incident.

This is the only statement I will be releasing to any media outlet.