WGN Reporter Who Ran Into Kid While Sledding Gets Live Shot at Redemption

By Kevin Eck 

Two years ago, WGN reporter Marcella Raymond reached viral fame by taking out a nine-year-old kid while sledding down a hill in one of her reports. This week, she got back on a sled and took another shot, this time on live TV.

“The last time I did this, I just have to say, and they run this video all the time,” said the reporter for Chicago’s CW affiliate. “I took out a nine-year-old. So I’m going to try not to do that this time.”

Raymond made it down the hill safely. Though, this attempt seemed to lack the drama of the last attempt. But Raymond seemed pleased. “That’s awesome!” said Raymond. “And I didn’t kill myself.  I’m here and I didn’t hurt anybody!”

You can see the video of her taking out the kid after the jump.

Warning: the videos are on auto-play, so you may want to pause the ones you’re not watching.

Here’s the redemption run:

This is the run that started it all:

Here’s another sledding attempt. She gets booed this time.