WGCL Pulls Out of Content Sharing Agreement in Atlanta

By Andrew Gauthier 

After a six-week test, Meredith’s WGCL Atlanta has pulled out of its content share with Fox O&O WAGA and Gannett’s WXIA, citing the pool’s limitation on station differentiation.

Broadcasting & Cable spoke with sources close to the decision…
“I think there’s great value in these types of opportunities, but it just wasn’t working for us,” says WGCL VP/General Manager Andy Alford. “We felt the need to cover different [stories], and this limited our ability to do that.”

A Meredith spokesperson says the company remains committed to the concept, such as separate helicopter and content shares in Phoenix.

The Atlanta pool commenced May 18 and had a four-week trial, followed by a two-week extension. WAGA, WXIA and WGCL each contributed a photographer to the pool. Cox’s market leader WSB did not take part.

The split is amicable, according to Alford. The arrangement worked on a majority-rules basis, he adds, which at times hindered WGCL’s independent voice. “We want to focus on differentiation, and the pool didn’t always allow us to do that,” he says. More…