WFAA Chief Mike Devlin Stepping Down

By Chris Ariens 

WFAA president and general manager Mike Devlin is leaving the station at the end of the year.

Devlin, who is retiring, has been at the ABC affiliate since 2005, when he joined from KHOU.

Devlin ran the KHOU news department from 1998 until he left for Dallas. Before Houston, Devlin was news director at KATU in Portland.

“There are countless Mike Devlin disciples in the business; those who owe their first break to him and those fortunate to cross his path later in their careers,” wrote Peter Diaz, evp of Media Operations for Tegna, in a note to WFAA staffers. “Mike brings humor, compassion, intelligence and a competitive spirit to the job every day. He says retirement is just another chapter in life. I respectfully disagree. Mike’s career reads like a great book – the kind you like to talk about, pass around, give as gifts, re-read and eventually pass down to future generations.”

Diaz says the search is on for a new WFAA station chief.

“We are grateful for everything he has contributed to our industry and TEGNA,” said Diaz.