Weathercaster’s Apocalyptic Forecast Goes Viral After He Leaves Station

By Andrew Gauthier 

A strange video from WTVR popped up online recently in which weathercaster Aaron Justus delivers an apocalyptic forecast for the Richmond CBS-affiliate. In addition to a volcanic eruption and a super hurricane, Justus’s forecast includes Godzilla (video above).

So where’d the video come from?

Justus, who walked away from TV news last year to become a beer brewer, told TVSpy via email this week that the video was made during his last days at WTVR.

“I had built a few crazy graphics during my last two weeks at WTVR,” Justus said. “It was an ongoing joke with the production team. I then decided to put it all together as one last farewell forecast, which of course never hit air.”

“I have no idea how the video got onto the internet,” Justus added.  “I sent it to close friends and family after I recorded it, yet a year later it goes viral.  I never thought it would get this popular.”

Justus now works for a microbrewery in San Diego and says “Life is good!” (At least in part because Godzilla saved the East Coast from that super hurricane).