WCCO Pulls Political Attack Ad

By Kevin Eck 

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WCCO, the CBS O&O in Minneapolis, pulled a political ad suggesting freshman Republican Congressman Chip Cravaack’s constituents had to pay to get access to him after the congressman’s campaign demanded the station stop running the spot.

The ad, which you can view after the jump, was produced by the House Majority PAC who states on their website:

House Majority PAC is an independent-expenditure only committee (often called a “Super PAC”) that is designed to hold Republicans accountable and help win back the House Majority for Democrats. House Majority PAC is committed to building a long-term organization that can take on the Republican outside groups in the battle for the House Majority.

TVSpy reached out to WCCO about the ad, but they refused to comment.  Watch the video inside.

The Minneapolis StarTribune said the House Majority PAC told them the group, “unquestionably stands behind the content of the advertisement.”

The National Republican Congressional Committee released its own statement condemning both the Cravaack piece and another campaign ad that aired in Pennsylvania, claiming Keith Rothfus, the Republican challenger to Representative Mark Critz (D), had business links to China.  The post was later re-edited. You can see a frame of the updated Rothfus video as well as the Cravaack ad below.