WCBS Reporter Looking for ‘Miracle’ for Mom

By Kevin Eck 

WCBS-WLNY entertainment reporter Jill Nicolini is asking for help paying for her mother’s medical expenses. Her mother, Michelle suffers from an aggressive from of lung cancer.

Saying the family had been keeping the news a secret out of respect for her mom’s privacy, Nicolini wrote on a gofundme page she set up to help with medical expenses, “…it’s only fair now that we tell everyone what she has endured because she is very sick, some of you may want to reach out to send your love and of course we need your prayers for a MIRACLE right now. Mom has been facing the battle of a lifetime since October of 2015 and I hope you don’t mind me asking for some help. The expenses incurred when a family member is sick is something I never thought about.”

The New York Daily News reports Nicolini’s mother had been given two years to live after being diagnosed with stage 4 small cell lung cancer in 2015.

“While I make a nice living it is nowhere near what is needed to care for our mother,” Nicolini wrote. “The medical bills of course are an issue that she/we will be responsible for, however, our income has been affected because we are out on (family medical leave). Her life insurance policy will not be sufficient to provide her with the funeral she deserves.”

Nicolini has worked at the New York CBS-owned station since October 2013.