WBZ Meteorologist Explains the ‘Coffee Cup Incident’

By Mark Joyella 

Perhaps you saw the photo of meteorologist Barry Burbank–and his coffee cup–that flitted around the internet? Burbank, who anchors at CBS owned WBZ in Boston, does not drink coffee. But apparently he’s still expected to start the weekend morning show standing alongside anchor Kerry Connolly with mug in hand anyway, because nothing says you’re friendly, warm and worth watching like holding an empty prop coffee cup. So as Burbank explained, he held his cup upside down.

Even Jimmy Fallon poked fun at it in his monologue on Monday’s “Tonight Show.”
“What is this thing? Do I write with it?” Fallon said about the upside down mug.
It turns out Barry was just poking fun at the fact that no one ever puts anything in his cup.
“In the past, on some mornings I say, ‘you know my cup is always empty nobody ever puts anything my cup,’” Barry said Monday night, before the “Tonight Show” aired.
“So I said lets go on the air and I’ll have my cup turned upside down, and maybe see if people notice that the cup is upside down. They always say that my cup is always empty, not just half full or half empty, it’s always empty, so there you go, cheers.”