WBAL Anchor Gets Chippy After Chopper Shows Motorcycle Club

By Kevin Eck 

It’s got to be a long day for Baltimore TV crews, with wall-to-wall coverage of the ongoing unrest in the city.

WBAL anchor Stan Stovall showed some wear at about 4:00 p.m. today after Captain Roy Taylor, the station’s helicopter pilot, had a shot of a local “dirt bike pack” know as the 12 O’Clock Boys.

Stovall told the chopper pilot, “Now that we have identified that they are out there, I would now suggest we not give them anymore media attention because they thrive on it.”


When Captain Roy weakly countered, “Well that’s an interesting concept,” Stovall added, “They are not the story today.”

Look at the body language of co-anchor Donna Hamilton when Stovall continued by saying, “What I hear from the community is that, ‘You know, you spend so much time focusing on the negative.’ I think we have done equally as well covering the positives.” Stovall then added with a shrug, “Take it for what it is.”

Gawker has the video. Click here to watch.