WATCH: Five Tips To Make It to a Top Market. Plus, Learn How to Build Your Own Website

By Kevin Eck 

Are you an anchor or reporter who wants to move up to a bigger market?

We asked Stephanie Tsoflias, Mediabistro instructor and reporter in the New York market, to share five simple tips that will help you rise to the top.

Her first tip? Master your craft. And what better way to show off your mastery than by posting your work on the website you learned to build at Mediabistro?

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When you sign up for “Create Your Own Website Using WordPress” You’ll learn to:

  • Install WordPress on your web hosting server with your own domain name
  • Use WordPress to publish pages, articles, and multimedia content like video or photos
  • Change the appearance of your site using WordPress themes, widgets, and simple CSS coding
  • Use WordPress plugins to improve your site navigation, enable Google Analytics, or optimize your site for search engines
  • Connect with the WordPress community to establish the authority of your business or personal brand

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