Watch a Spin Doctor Change an Interview With Former Baylor President Ken Starr

By Kevin Eck 

Ken Starr was removed as president of Baylor University and stepped down as Chancellor after it was revealed he had mishandled rape allegations involving Baylor athletes.

Waco, Texas CBS affiliate KWTX interviewed Starr after ESPN reported he received an email from a victim in 2015 telling him she had been raped.

Watch how he changes his answer from “I’m not denying I saw [the email]” to “I honestly have no recollection of that” after a woman who was introduced as a family friend takes him aside. The woman turned out to be Merrie Spaeth, a crisis management specialist.

KWTX news director Mikel Lauber told sister station KBTX Starr’s first answer seemed to be the most honest. He says Spaeth asked him to promise to not use that part of the interview.

“Just the fact that his answer was being so tightly controlled,” said Lauber. “We thought was an important part of the story.”