WAPT General Manager: ‘We’re Here to Serve You’

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

In Jackson, Miss., WAPT‘s general manager Mike Neelly wants viewers to know that the recent violence against journalists is misplaced and should stop.

“Many on social media even seemed to support the attacks, echoing the rallying cry that the media is the enemy,’ Neely said during an editorial segment. “But those inciting violence forget one important fact: The people behind your local news are your neighbors and here to serve you.”

Neely sited the attack on the Capital News and an incident at WKRG, the Nexstar station in Mobile, Ala., when someone fired shots into the station.

“We want to make this a better place by defending, protecting and fulfilling the First Amendment,” he said.

Neelly has been the station’s general manager since 2015. You can watch his full commentary, which is part of a series, here.