Wanted Man Caught After Commenting on Reporter’s Facebook Timeline

By Kevin Eck 

While the woods and the heat near Tulsa, Oklahoma helped a man get away from the cops, he couldn’t outrun facebook.

Drew Davis escaped from police by running into the woods after getting pulled over. Cops called off the search because the Oklahoma heat got too much for the dogs.

KOKI reporter Brittany Jeffers put a “Have you seen this man?” post on her facebook page, complete with Davis’ mugshot.


Davis had some things to get off his chest. So he commented on Jeffers’ post. Apparently “people don’t understand his hustle.”

“People don’t know my struggle so you don’t understand my hustle.i ain’t doing wrong i don’t like police so they can stay away from me and if not I’ll run IM not trying to huft anyone so don’t let that Bitch on the news fool yall people please don’t make me mad let me make my money and make sure my kids. Have it good and I’ll go handle me until then people that i don’t know stay the fuck off my stuff”

Police tracked him down and arrested him based on the post.