WACH’s War of Words with Governor Nikki Haley Sparks Online Debate

By Andrew Gauthier 

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WACH’s recent story about a forthcoming book that contains details of Nikki Haley’s alleged extramarital sex life set off a war of words this week between the newly elected Governor of South Carolina and the Columbia Fox-affiliate.

Now WACH viewers, armchair pundits, and Facebook fans are weighing in on the tiff, which included Haley’s assertion that WACH peddled “tabloid news.”

David Olmsted, WACH’s president and CEO, issued a statement on Tuesday calling for Haley to apologize.  The governor is standing by her comment on Facebook.

What do you think of WACH’s coverage and Haley’s criticism? Leave your comments below…

Here’s a collection of what people are saying so far:

I think the Govenor was restrained in her comments. ‘Sleazy’ is more apt description of WACH’s running of this story.

Perhaps WACH ‘News’ Director Bryan Cox should consider resigning or perhaps WACH’s owners should demand it –to signal viewers that WACH does indeed have some standards.

Thank you Mr. Cox for standing up for what is right.

This is exactly the type of newscasting that has average viewers throwing up their hands and asking for fairness in the media.

Gov. Haley need to apologize? For what? You media guys are always saying its the freedom of speech. It only works for you guys and no one else?

The governor must realize this issue is not going away, especially with a book coming out. Intimidating the press only creates more suspicion. In light of all the recent major political scandals in SC, WACH is doing a tremendous public service to residents by staying on top of this story. If the Gov. is innocent, she needs to remain strong with her message and stay above the fray. The media scrutiny is only going to get worse as this is now becoming a national story.