WABC Traffic Reporter Named Spokesman for Website Fighting Parking Tickets

By Kevin Eck 

Joe Nolan, traffic reporter for New York ABC owned station WABC, has been named the face of ParkingTicket.com.

“It’s a perfect fit,” Nolan said in a statement. “I’ve been helping people navigate the streets of New York City since 1979 and I’m proud be lending a hand to ParkingTicket.com which puts up a fight for the average Joe, the man or woman who’s put in the often difficult position of driving AND parking, two of the most challenging things New Yorkers can attempt.”

ParkingTicket.com is a website billing itself as an advocate for those fighting parking tickets. The company also pledges to help simplify parking rules seen as “confusing, arbitrary and contradictory.”

Glen Bolofsky, president of ParkingTicket.com added, “Joe will be an invaluable help to us in getting the word out to our loyal customers that they don’t have to take parking tickets lying down.  They can let us help them fight their tickets so they’re not victimized by unfair ticket-writing practices and a costly system that emphasizes volume over accuracy at a cost of $800 million annually.”