WABC Reporter Derick Waller Self-Isolating After Presumptive COVID-19 Diagnosis

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

Another WABC newser is very likely sick with COVID-19.

Reporter Derick Waller told viewers on Facebook that he’s been off the air because he appears to have contracted the novel coronavirus, though he has not been tested:

Hi friends! I wanted to check in and share with you why I’ve been missing from TV lately.


After work on Friday, March 20, I began experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19. It started with a headache and some coughing and by Saturday morning I was experiencing a mild fever and body aches.

I immediately reached out to my doctor. She advised me that because of my mild symptoms and a shortage of tests, I should assume I had been infected and recover at home. I have not been tested for COVID-19.

My live-in partner began experiencing similar symptoms around the same time that I did. Since then, we’ve both been staying home, getting plenty of rest and now we are both feeling much better. I still have a mild cough, but I have not had a fever in about a week and my headache is gone.

You should also know that before taking some time off, WABC had already been taking steps to limit our in-person contact at work. Since at least March 9, most reporters have been starting our shifts at home, and reporting directly to our assignments, rather than going into the newsroom. Because of that, my only contact with other co-workers have been the two photographers with whom I’m assigned to work every morning. As a precaution, they too have now been asked to stay home for a couple of weeks.

I will start reporting from home on Wednesday morning and I can’t wait to see you then!

On Monday, TVSpy reported that another WABC newser, anchor Bill Ritter, was also appearing on the New York ABC station from home after contracting what his doctor believes is a “mild case” of COVID-19.