New York Reporter Recovering from Acute Kidney Injury

By Kevin Eck 

WABC reporter Lucy Yang told viewers she’ll be off the the air until she recovers from an acute kidney injury.

In a Twitter thread, the New York reporter said the injury was caused by not drinking enough water. She said she developed the habit during the Covid-19 pandemic, when public bathrooms were closed due to citywide lockdowns.

“During COVID I stopped drinking water in the newsvan bc there were NO bathrooms in the shut down city,” said Yang.  “I didn’t dare take a sip.”


She said she didn’t return to drinking enough water even after lockdowns lifted, and had continued to go to work even with aches, fatigue and a headache. Eventually, the symptoms got so bad that she went to a clinic.

Yang, who has worked at the ABC-owned New York station since 1993, said her bosses have been “extremely understanding” since she can’t cover colleagues’ vacations due to the injury.

“I wish I could help out,” Yang wrote. “For now, I have to rest and drink water!”