VIDEO: ‘You Pushing Me?’ Bar Pilot Scuffles with KGO Reporter

By Kevin Eck 

After an oil tanker recently ran into the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, all eyes turned to the Bar Pilot who was guiding the vessel out of the bay.  Dan Noyes, investigative reporter for the San Francisco ABC owned station KGO, got a bit of a rude hello when he showed up at the Bar Pilots office in San Francisco yesterday looking for answers.

Noyes told TVSpy, “This was a total surprise, especially because I was not there to interview this particular bar pilot. As I was heading into their offices, I saw a man getting out of a car with a “ship pilot” license plate, figured he might be someone important, so I introduced myself. That’s when the profanity began. He was upset at past investigations I’ve done into bar pilots, and another ship accident that spilled oil into the bay.”

Noyes is no stranger to conflicts while on a story. “Dealing with confrontations is part of the job, but rarely does it turn physical,” added Noyes. “I’ve had maybe a dozen incidents over the years, been shot at, punched, pushed. I think the actions speak volumes about the person we’re interviewing — why would they be so upset at simple questions?

Noyes also tweeted about the confrontation saying, “Had to call police at SF Bar Pilots office today, after one of their members pushed and shoved me, and grabbed the camera. At 6 on 7.

You can click on this link to see what Bar Pilots do. Click here to see a couple of Noyes’ confrontations highlighted by SF Weekly.

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