Veteran Sacramento Reporter Retiring

By Kevin Eck 

Tom DuHain is retiring after 46 years at the same station.

“It’s been much more than a job; it’s been a lifetime,” DuHain told The Sacramento Bee. “I’m going off into uncharted waters to find a new normal. My wife (Susan Kennedy-DuHain) just retired from UC Davis, and our goal is to find the things we like to do, now that we have the time to do them together.”

DuHain started at KCRA when he was 18 years old. He became a weathercaster at 19. During his time at the Sacramento NBC affiliate, he’s also co-hosted a newsmagazine, anchored and reported.

Once off the job, DuHain will most miss the camaraderie with his colleagues when big news is breaking, and the “excitement and satisfaction of being successful with reporting in the field. I’ll also miss going places and meeting people. That’s stimulating.”

What he won’t miss is the daily grind. “There is pressure every day, and after a while it’s wearing,” he said. “This is a young person’s game, and you don’t see people my age in the newsroom anymore.”

“Every newsroom needs a Tom DuHain – somebody who has the institutional knowledge and integrity, and knows where to find the stories,” said KCRA news director Lori Waldon. “Some may watch him work and say it’s old school, but it’s really just good journalism.”