Veteran NYC Anchor Admits to Drinking Before Newscasts

By Andrew Gauthier 

The New York Observer

On Thursday evening, on live TV, longtime WNBC-4 news anchor Sue Simmons made a somewhat surprising confession. Back in the ’80s, she said, she would on occasion drink cocktails before anchoring the news. Eventually she stopped, she continued to explain, because she noticed the alcohol was making her eyes red.

The admission came during an interview on WNBC-4’s new 5 p.m. show LX New York, on which Ms. Simmons was making a guest appearance alongside Bravo executive-turned-night-show host Andy Cohen. (Video here)

Not long ago, in the spring of 2008, Ms. Simmons drew national attention when she was caught cursing out her colleague Chuck Scarborough during a live promotion. Afterwards, The New York Post published a story under the headline “Silly Sue Simmons A Salty Swiller,” in which anonymous sources alleged that Ms. Simmons regularly threw back cocktails before appearing on the air. At the time, Ms. Simmons did not respond to the Post. And eventually the maelstrom passed.

On Thursday afternoon, it was the mischievous Mr. Cohen who repeatedly raised the issue of drinking-and-anchoring. More…