Veteran Massachusetts Reporter Sy Becker Dies After Short Illness

By Kevin Eck 

WWLP reporter Sy Becker has died.

Becker joined the Springfield, Mass., NBC affiliate in 1979 as a reporter, local theater and movie critic.

The station said he made a lasting impact during his 60-year broadcasting career and added, “Sy Becker was well-known for his boundless energy, his unmistakable voice, and of course, his movie reviews.”


Congressman Richard Neal also released a statement on his passing and said:

“Sy Becker was a superb newsman in every sense of the word. I had the pleasure of knowing Sy going back to his days at WSPR radio, where he was a one-man dynamo when it came to collecting the news. He had a great affinity for political life and earned the respect of countless public figures throughout his career. I fondly remember him for his movie reviews with 22 News and for the pillar that he was in the western Massachusetts community. On this solemn occasion, my thoughts and prayers are with Sy’s family at 22 News and the entire Becker family.”