Vandals Hit KXRM’s Downtown Studio

By Kevin Eck 

Dan Cochell, traffic reporter for KXRM, found he couldn’t get into the downtown studio of the Colorado Springs FOX affiliate Monday morning because the locks had been filled with glue.

Cochell missed his first report of the morning and had to drive to the regular studios 15 minutes away to deliver his traffic report.

KXRM news director Joe Cole told TVSpy, no stories were affected by the vandalism, “So far we haven’t been able to determine if we were a target or just part of a random crime. Several businesses were hit throughout downtown and the only common link we share is location.”

The lock gluer also hit a Presbyterian church, the El Paso Democratic Party offices, City Hall and the Colorado Springs Independent newspapaer.

Police told KXRM, “A substance had been placed in the locks causing them to malfunction.”  Police also said they have identified a possible suspect despite the downtown surveillance cameras not working at the time.