Use the Key Wall for Weather Teases and Promos

By Graeme Newell 

Most stations have dropped some serious coin on weather hardware. Animated maps, satellite photos and graphics can create very impressive eye candy. New hardware can fly and zip viewers throughout the area like jet aircraft. Most stations make full use of these tantalizing components within the actual weather forecast, but leave them out of promos and teases. If you’re lucky enough to own sophisticated weather animation hardware, make full use of it.

Most weather promos and teases feature weather talent talking heads. You may see eye-popping animated maps squashed down inside a monitor, far in the background. These wide shots don’t show weather graphics at their best. As much as possible, take those beautiful weather graphics full. Shoot your teases and promos with talent at the key wall. Prime promos get the highest numbers on the station. Make sure this valuable audience gets a thorough taste of your dazzling weather graphics by showing these animations in your highest rated shows.

Remember to make these promo animations simple and bold. There won’t be a lot of time to explain the forecast, so any map detail will probably be lost, and simply add to the clutter. If necessary, create custom animations just for the promos. More people will see your weather system here than in your newscast. With that many eyeballs watching in prime, it’s worth the effort.

Graeme Newell is a broadcast and web marketing specialist who serves as the president and founder of 602 communications. You can reach Graeme at gnewell@602commu