Two More Anchors Leaving WCPO in Cincinnati

By Kevin Eck 

Evan Millward and Jasmine Styles are departing from Cincinnati ABC station WCPO at the end of May.

This follows yesterday’s news from Kristen Swilley, who has anchored and reported at the station for nine years, saying she’s leaving in two weeks.

“After 10 years, it’s time for me to step away from (WCPO) at the end of May,” Millward wrote in an Instagram post. “Sometimes you have to seize an opportunity when it’s presented. Simply, the #changes there came at the right time for me to make a change of my own. My choice to walk away.”


Millward joined WCPO in 2014. Styles joined the station in January 2022.

“After more than a decade of living out my dreams — it’s time for a break. When an opportunity came to walk away, I couldn’t say no,” she posted to Instagram. “I’m hype to spend more time with my fiancé and plan our wedding! I’m grateful for my time in Cincy and I’ll still be around! What’s next? Who knows? Because at the end of the day, the day gotta end.”

We asked WCPO about it and will update when we hear back.