Twitter Adding Lists Feature to Help Users Organize Feeds

By Andrew Gauthier 

PC World

Twitter is testing a feature that makes it easier for you to organize the people you follow, by grouping them in lists. Twitter has also added a social networking spin on the new feature, called Lists, that makes it easier for other people to see who you’re following and subscribe to their feeds as well.

Twitter is a great way to find out what people are talking about by following popular topics, finding people with common interests, or connecting with popular celebrities, athletes, or even your favorite product brands. The problem is, once you’re following more than a few hundred people, the endless stream of 140-character messages becomes unmanageable and the value of following so many people for news and information becomes lost.


Twitter’s Lists feature will help you drill down into the wide range of people you’re following and organize your incoming tweets by type. You can create a list for tech news, sports-related tweets, co-workers, college friends, and so on. More…