TV Reporter and Mother, Brown’s Wife Has Balancing Act

By Andrew Gauthier 

Boston Globe

The spotlight shining on Senator-elect Scott Brown now lands on a family member who largely avoided the campaign glare: veteran WCVB-TV (Channel 5) reporter Gail Huff, Brown’s wife, who has carved out her own niche as a broadcast journalist and working mother.

Huff steps into a role occupied by, among others, Victoria Reggie Kennedy and Teresa Heinz Kerry, two women known for having strong working partnerships with their high-profile lawmaker spouses.


If past is prologue, Huff, too, will be courted, counseled, and consulted by the political elite, especially if Browns stock continues to rise nationally. Will she put her television career on hold, as Maria Shriver and Donna Hanover Giuliani did when their husbands took office? Or will she add to her work-and-home balancing act by shuttling between Boston and Washington, D.C.? Huff did not return messages left with her station and with her husbands campaign yesterday, but WCVB executives said she will be back at work today and that they have no reason to believe she will not stay at Channel 5 for the foreseeable future. More…