Trump Supporter Harasses Telemundo Reporters Outside Arizona Ballot Counting Center

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

Telemundo reporter Maria Paula Ocho was harassed while covering the election outside of a ballot counting center in Phoenix.

ABC 15 reporter Zach Crenshaw caught it all on video. In a series of tweets, he posted videos of maskless supporters of President Donald Trump surrounding Ocho, Telemundo’s Los Angeles correspondent, during her live hits on night three of presidential election results coverage and ballot counting.

In the video, a man is seen walking close behind Ocho screaming and holding a Trump sign, not obeying the six-foot distance rule, while another supporter wearing a red Trump shirt screams from another side.


Ocho, who was wearing a mask, tried to avoid the man closer to her, and attempted to continue with her coverage.

“Night three outside the Maricopa Co tabulation center: It’s more tense tonight,” Crenshaw reported. “These two men were screaming at a Telemundo reporter while she reported live. When a security agent prevented ‘red shirt’ from getting inches from her face, both started yelling ‘assault.'”

It happened again the following night, Crenshaw tweeted.

Ocho confirmed that it also happened to reporters from Telemundo’s local Arizona affiliate. “My coworkers from our local affiliate @TelemundoAZ were harassed by the same guy who harassed us while on a live report,” she wrote on Twitter. “This should not be happening.”

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office “will be reviewing the incident involving the man harassing the Telemundo reporters,” he said.

The National Association of Hispanic Journalists has also condemned the behavior.