Tribune’s KIAH Set to Launch Video-Less Newscast

By Andrew Gauthier 

Inspired by the early success of “NewsFix,” KIAH‘s much-ballyhooed, anchor-less newscast, Tribune announced today that it plans to launch a video-less newscast later this year at the company’s Houston CW-affiliate.

“In this ever-changing media landscape, we must continue to find new ways to reach our viewers,” said Roger Bear, KIAH’s vice president and general manager, in announcing the new, video-less newscast.

The new newscast, tentatively titled “NewsMix,” will provide the usual mix of local news, weather, and sports but will have no video footage. Instead, Greg “Gregorino” Onofroio, a local radio personality, will provide news coverage sonically while the station offers a text simulcast on its Facebook page.

“As our viewers’ attention is pulled in a million different directions,” Bear told TVSpy via email, “we want to offer a streamlined news option that will still allow people room to interact with their smartphones, iPads, and PCs. We’re very excited about the prospect of ‘NewsMix.'”