Tribune Renews ABC Affiliation

By Kevin Eck 

Tribune Broadcasting says it has reached a “comprehensive, long-term agreement with ABC Television” to renew the two ABC affiliates it owns and the one it operates.

Owned stations WGNO in New Orleans, WQAD in Quad Cities and operated station WNEP in Wilkes-Barre will stay ABC at least until 2019, when all three stations contracts are, again, up for renewal.

John Rouse, SVP for Affiliate Relations for The ABC Television Network said, “We are pleased to extend our affiliate relationship with Tribune Broadcasting and look forward to much success together in these three, key ABC markets.”

“This long-term, comprehensive agreement is testimony to the strength of our partnership with ABC Television,” said Larry Wert, president of Broadcast Media for Tribune Broadcasting.  “It enables us to provide an array of high-quality programming to viewers in our local ABC Television communities, including tremendous live events such as next month’s Oscars, as well as local news, sports and entertainment.”