Transgender Chopper Pilot Zoey Tur Makes Her ‘Inside Edition’ Debut

By Aneya Fernando 

Zoey-Tur3On Wednesday, Zoey Tur, 54, made her debut on “Inside Edition” as America’s first transgender TV news correspondent.

Tur was formerly Bob Tur, one of the most celebrated helicopter newsmen in the business. While at Los Angeles CBS affiliate KCBS, he captured everything from the 1992 L.A. riots to the O.J. Simpson Bronco chase from high above.

Tur told “Inside Edition” she had been battling with gender dysphoria for years, and pretending to be this tough, rugged guy caused her to become severely depressed, even contemplating suicide. Last year, she finally underwent both sex reassignment surgery and a facial feminization procedure in Thailand.

After leaving the L.A. TV scene about 10 years ago, Tur is back, this time as her true self.


“Trying to erase 53 years of being a macho aggressive guy to trying to be a woman and this is greatest challenge of my life,” Tur told “Inside Edition”‘s Jim Moret.

Tur will be a special correspondent for “Inside Edition” starting this month.