Tony Perkins Talks Exit From GMA

By Mark Joyella 

In an interview for Fox-owned WTTG’s new podcast, Tony Perkins talks about his decision to leave ABC’s Good Morning America, where he worked until 2005. “I can tell you it became quite clear,” Perkins said, that his future on the morning show was in doubt.

“I’m on my way home to my house here, and I get a phone call from the PR department at ABC in New York. And the guy says, ‘Hey Tony, just want to give you a heads up. There’s going to be an article in the paper tomorrow…and it says that we may be trying to replace you. Just wanted to let you know that is not true…’”

Perkins, who days later discovered a story in the newspaper hinting that executives at ABC were thinking of replacing him, said he wasn’t sorry to leave. “It was not as pleasant a place to work, for me, as people think it was. And I got tired of that.”