Tom Brady Stars in Local Spot with His Rings

By Kevin Eck 

Right after his come from behind Super Bowl win, Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady appeared in a local TV ad–which was filmed in September–sporting his fifth championship ring. An alternate ending was also filmed in which Brady leaves behind 4 rings and says, “for now.”

In a spot for Shields MRI & Health Care, Brady takes off his four Super Bowl rings and puts them in a locker so he can get an MRI, then forgets he has a fifth. When the attendant tells him he’s going to need a bigger locker, Brady replies by saying, “Roger That.” Which many took as a swipe at NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, who suspended Brady for his role in Deflategate.

From Boston station WHDH:

Actress and Wellesley native Erin O’Reilly scored the role opposite Brady.

“Oh my god. my husband almost exploded and we were running around. ‘Tom Brady! Can you believe it’s going to be Tom Brady!” I mean it was just huge. We love Tom Brady,” she said.

The Patriots fan says she was feeling more like a teammate by the end of the shoot.

“We’re like giving each other high fives and fist bumps after all of the good takes like they’re good plays. This is so cool,” she said.

But Brady wasn’t the only big name of the project.

The commercial was directed by Bobby Farrelly.

He and his brother, Peter, are the team behind “Dumb and Dumber,” “There’s Something about Mary,” and “Fever Pitch.”

Here’s the spot:

Tom Brady for Shields MRI. 5 Rings #Rogerthat from Shields Health Care on Vimeo.