Today Show Anchor Tells KPRC Reporter ‘Democracy is Messy’

By Kevin Eck 

KPRC reporter Keith Garvin was in New York yesterday to cover the election when he spoke with Today Show anchor Savannah Guthrie about what was to come, but her answers resonate today.

The Houston NBC reporter asked Guthrie to describe the election up until yesterday. “Wild, unprecedented, and exhausting,” said Guthrie.

Garvin also asked Guthrie how the country will recover from one of the most caustic elections in recent memory.

“It’s just been very divisive and sadly it’s just exposed a lot of divisions that we have and I think in some ways that’s always the way it is,” Guthrie said. “Democracy is messy and we should have spirited arguments about policy but I hope that tomorrow, whomever wins and prevails I hope we can find a way to remember we’re all Americans. We all love this country.”