The Wisconsin Governor Still Doesn’t Anchor in New Orleans

By Kevin Eck 

WDSU anchor Scott Walker is not running for President and he’s not the governor of Wisconsin. But, as the The Daily Caller reports, some twitter users aren’t letting those two facts stop them from sending him hate tweets.

TVSpy has reported on this before. News Scott Walker even wrote an open letter to the people of Wisconsin titled “Attention Wisconsin!” Click here to read.

The New Orleans NBC affiliate anchor told The Daily Caller, “It’s been going on for years now.” He now responds with his own hashtag of #WrongScottWalker.

“I just don’t understand how people confuse the two,” Walker, the anchor, said. “If I send a tweet, I know who I’m sending it to. He is @ScottWalker, I’m @ScottWalker6. I don’t look like the guy. I’m a news anchor in New Orleans. He’s the governor of Wisconsin.”

News Scott Walker said the station sometimes leverages the awkwardness when it has a politician Scott Walker story to read.

Sometimes the station has fun with it when they have to cover a story involving the governor. “And of course they make me read the story, because it’s funny,” Walker said. “I’ll read that sometimes during the newscast, and say, ‘No relation.’”

And to those who can’t tell difference between news Scott Walker and politician Scott Walker, news Scott Walker tweeted out a helpful hint: