Texas Station Remembers Local Covid-19 Victims in 9-Minute Tribute

By Kevin Eck 

Lubbock, Texas CBS affiliate KLBK devoted 9 minutes of an hourlong evening newscast last week to honor local folks who have died of Covid-19.

“I was tired of the numbers of our friends and neighbors being just numbers,” KLBK anchor Terri Furman told TVSpy. “People don’t listen to numbers. Especially in news. So I wanted to pay tribute to the people who passed. Not as a number but as people with friends and family.”

The tribute was put together by Furman and producer Kate Nagel. Furman told TVSpy the duo got the pictures used in the video by asking viewers on Facebook if they’d be willing to share photos of loved ones lost to Covid-19 along with the date they died.


“The reaction has been so positive in the community,” said Furman. “So many people saying thank you and that it was much needed and it has been shared way more than a thousand times.”

Furman told TVSpy that since the first tribute aired, more pictures have flooded in. The Nexstar-owned station plans to run another tribute video in early January.