TEGNA Puts Money Behind Tech That Makes Shows from Calls

By Kevin Eck Comment

TEGNA says it has invested in The Video Call Center.

VCC is technology that makes live original content from video callers. It’s kind of like making TV into radio again but this time you can see the callers.

KUSA used it for the Colorado Theater Shooting trial featuring experts, attorneys and callers from around the US.

“TEGNA Media plans to use the VCC’s technology to create innovative, original, lower cost programming across broadcast, social, mobile and online,” says the press release.

The VCC uses specialized and patented technology to build full shows of callers, screened in real-time, and selected live by the show’s host. Special techniques are used to improve video call reliability. The VCC was created by long-time network executive and former Wall Street analyst Tom Wolzien, and developed by a team of broadcast, software, and hardware experts.

“The Video Call Center is re-inventing television and TEGNA’s investment will help speed that re-invention process across the industry,” said Wolzien. “Within five years, video caller television will be a mainstay among broadcast stations, cable networks and web services seeking to extend viewer interaction.”