TEGNA Lauches Ad Solution Aimed at Cord Cutters

By Kevin Eck 

TEGNA has announced a new service called Premion which allows local and regional advertisers reach people who don’t rely on a cable subscription to watch content.

“TEGNA continues to bring innovative products that expand opportunities for advertisers to reach their target audiences,” said Jim Wilson, president of Premion. “With Premion, we are focused on leading the local and regional OTT advertising market with premium, long-form and brand-safe content delivered anytime, anywhere and on any device.”

TEGNA calls using Premion a “one-stop-shop transaction” capable of reaching multiple OTT platforms and networks capable of deliveirng campaigns in single and multiple DMAs by using TEGNA’s sales force across the country.

“Since piloting the business in Dallas and Houston in July, Premion is rolling out nationwide with the ability to deliver campaigns in single and multiple DMAs, leveraging TEGNA’s sales force of more than 700 across the country, connecting its more than 14,000 local and regional advertising clients to premium long-form episodic content from leading branded providers,” says TEGNA. “Initial results have yielded consistent and reliable impression delivery and strong engagement with advertising completion rates exceeding 96 percent.”