Study: More Time Spent with iPhone Apps, Less Time Spent Watching TV, Reading Newspapers

By Andrew Gauthier 

According to a new study from Gravity Tank, a Chicago-based consultancy, the more time iPhone users spend with their apps, the less time they spend watching TV, reading newspapers, using PCs and pretty much everything else.

The results of the study, which surveyed 1,000 smart phone users, show a significant decline in the amount of time users spend on traditional forms of media: 24% less time spent reading newspapers, 23% less time watching TV, and 20% less time reading a book.

Digital Media critic Peter Kafka of All Things Digital provides some tonic for the dramatic results of the study…
Youll want to take this with big bags of salt. But! The fact is that app users think theyre watching less TV, etc., which at least means they value that stuff less.

So if youre in the media business, the implications here are clear: Shoving your stuff into a browser wont do you much good in a mobile world defined by apps. And the smarter media executives I know are scrambling to adapt. More…