Study: Diversity Fell in TV News Management in 2009, NBC Most Diverse

By Andrew Gauthier 

Maynard Institute

A survey of top managers making news decisions at local television stations finds 65 people of color among 548 employed by outlets owned by ABC, CBS, FOX, Hearst Argyle, Media General, NBC and Tribune.

NBC had the greatest diversity, with 27.1 percent, followed by ABC, 16.4 percent; Media General, 12.2 percent; CBS, 12 percent; Fox, 11.8 percent; Hearst Argyle, 5.8 percent; and Tribune, 3.2 percent.


Overall, the figures translate to 11.7 percent African American, Hispanic or Asian American, said the National Association of Black Journalists, which conducted the study and released the results at its annual convention in Tampa, Fla., on Thursday.

“The results are discouraging. The economic downturn has forced companies to reduce staffs and it appears that diversity is one of the casualties. People of color comprise 34% of the United States population,” the association said. More…