Stranger Rescues KCTV Photog From Rising Flood Waters

By Mark Joyella 

A photographer at Kansas City CBS affiliate KCTV ended up trapped in rising flood waters Sunday morning–and a stranger jumped to the rescue. “I’m driving along like everything is great, like nothing is going on, and then literally the next second I am in this water, and I knew there was no ground underneath me. I knew i had to get out,” said photog Eric Schultz.

He got out, and watched as the KCTV news vehicle with all his gear and personal belongings began to sink. Schultz says he began to panic. “You can’t see where the nearest ground is, so without being able to see, I just instinctively swam back to where I came from,” he said.

A stranger who had also driven into the flood water with his family was nearby. “He got his wife safe. He carried his two young children out, and I’m thinking this is good. He could call for help for me,” Schultz said.

Instead, the man, Kalen Shrout, rescued his family first, then went back into the water and got Schultz. “I think the lord put me here to be able to help out to help save Eric, and i’m just glad my family is alright,” Shrout told KCTV.