Stations Set Back-Up Plans In Case Towers Are Damaged

By Andrew Gauthier 

Orange County Register

Firefighters kept watch on Mt. Wilson as the wildfire came within a half-mile of an observatory and the towers that provide FM radio, TV and cellular communications to the region.

Radio stations broadcast advisories that if they had to switch to a transmitting site with lower power, on-air listening would be impacted.


Public radio station KPCC/89.3 FM said it had made plans to switch to a transmitter on Lookout Mountain if it became necessary. It “will operate at relatively low power and height, but is expected to cover a significant portion of the normal broadcast areas in Los Angeles and Orange County,” a station press release announced.

TV stations announced on local newscasts the following: a) viewers with cable or satellite will not see any changes b) viewers with TV set antennas will lose the TV signal, but can watch station’s programming streamed on its website. More…