Stations Mull Options as SeaWorld Video Nears Release

By Andrew Gauthier 

Orlando Sentinel

Might local television stations use tape of a SeaWorld trainer’s death?

The issue was a top story on local stations at noon today. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office says video of trainer Dawn Brancheau‘s death could be public record under Florida law, WFTV-Channel 9 anchor Vanessa Echols reported at noon today.

But Brancheau’s family could file an injunction to keep the video out of the press, WFTV added. WESH-Channel 2 quoted an attorney, Jon Mills, who could soon represent the family: “I have talked with them and am consulting with them about what their options are to try to avoid what they view as a serious trauma being released.”

Would stations use the tape? Stations offered a range of opinions. More…