Station Starts Campaign to Support Anchor With Multiple Sclerosis

By Kevin Eck 

Channing Barker is a morning anchor at FOX affiliate KFTA in Fayetteville, Ark. She also has Multiple Sclerosis.

The station started a #CheerforChanning campaign to send her support on social media after she told viewers she tries hard to hide the effects of the disease, but has been dealing with “fatigue, weakness, numbness, vision issues and tremors” lately.

“While my job as a journalist is to provide you with the latest news, my job as a human is to spread joy,” Channing wrote on her facebook page. “I felt the need to say all of the above after getting the ‘you look great on TV” comment.’ Which, don’t get me wrong, is always appreciated! However, what you don’t see behind that desk is my cane, my IV port ( I tried to disguise it or not use that arm on TV…often failed) and my left leg dragging. So, with many diseases like MS, there may not be a ‘physical’ bandage around my brain, there are lesions that each of us is working through to make days like yesterday ‘normal.'”

She said she wrote it to educate viewers, “not depress anyone” and added she hopes that one day MS “will be known as Mystery Solved, not Multiple Sclerosis. Until then, we join the movement and rage on with family and friends.”