Staffers at Tucson’s KVOA Anxious After Multimedia Reorganization

By Andrew Gauthier 

Inside Tucson Business

Sometime, supposedly in October, viewers watching local news on KVOA 4 will see the results of what station insiders are looking upon as a sea change in the way TV news is gathered. Reporters and videographers, as separate job titles, will be gone replaced with the title multi-media journalist.

It means reporters will be carrying cameras and shooting their own video and videographers will be out researching and reporting their own news stories.


Pejoratively the new job title is being nicknamed one-man band or VJ, short for video jockey. Actually the idea for multi-media journalism has been around for a few years as media companies try to meet the challenge to deliver news and information on multiple platforms. Indeed, Ed Tribble and Tyler Wing already carry that title at KVOA 4, though Tribble is leaving to take a similar job at KPNX, the NBC station in Phoenix. More…