St. Louis Reporter Roasted on Social Media for Teen Drug Story

By Kevin Eck 

KMOV reporter Paige Hulsey’s attempt to promote her story about how local parents can spot drug use in their children didn’t play so well on the social media playground.

“Looks like a normal teen’s bedroom, right? Think again,” she posted to twitter. “Coming up on @KMOV, we’ll show you what parents should be looking for so they can identify signs of drug use. I was shocked at what I found in this room!!!”

The photo that went with the post (right) showed a tie-dyed sheet hanging on the wall behind a bed next to a sign that reads Mile 420.


One twitter user asked why the teen lived in an office, while comedian Steve Hofstetter responded in all caps with, “ARE YOU TELLING ME THAT OUR TEENS ARE HOPPED UP ON THE DEVIL’S LETTUCE?!!!!!” Another compared it to a 30 Rock skit where Steve Buscemi’s character goes undercover at a high school and greets his schoolmates by saying, “How do you do, fellow kids?”

We asked Hulsey about it, but haven’t heard back.

Here’s the original tweet:

Here’s a clip from Buscemi’s undercover operation on 30 Rock.