Kyle Kraska Visits KFMB For First Time Since Shooting

By Aneya Fernando 

Yesterday, sports director Kyle Kraska returned to San Diego CBS affiliate KFMB for the first time since he was shot outside his home, a mere 15 days ago.

Kraska was awakened from his medically-induced coma on February 14th, and on the 19th he was able to leave the hospital. Yesterday, he was finally reunited with his KFMB family. An article on the site explains what it was like for the newsroom to see their friend for the first time since the shooting:


It was an emotional day for all of us as he walked in to a huge round of applause. Doctors rarely use the word “miracle” when describing patients, but Kraska’s trauma surgeon tells him he is a true miracle for surviving such significant trauma.

His wounds aren’t visible to us, except for a bandaged left hand — one of the places he was shot — but his whole body is still fighting to heal. He’s is slowly gaining strength, enough to pay us a visit here Wednesday to let us all know he’s going to be alright.

Kraska told KFMB that their support means the world to him:

“I can’t tell you how it helps healing, to know you’ve got a family like this. I’ve got my family on the East Coast, got my TV family here man,” Kraska told his colleagues. “You guys just lifted me up on your shoulders when I needed you. I can’t thank you enough for that, that’s why I’m here in front of you right now, that’s why I’m alive. That’s why I’m going to get back on the air and be better than ever.”

Check out Kraska’s triumphant return to KFBM in the video above.