South Carolina Meteorologist Loses Pregnant Sister-in-Law to Covid-19

By Kevin Eck 

WYFF chief meteorologist Chris Justus has opened up about a family tragedy involving his pregnant sister-in-law.

In a Facebook post, the Greenville, S.C. journalist said that his sister-in-law, Brianna Justus, died Monday after being “hit hard” with Covid-19 while 30 weeks pregnant.

According to the post, Justus went into the ICU a few days after a positive Covid-19 test because she was having trouble breathing. While there, she was put on a ventilator and then underwent an emergency C-section.


Brianna Justus’ newborn daughter, delivered via the emergency C-section, is in the NICU.

“For the past week Brianna fought hard, so hard,” Chris Justus wrote. “Today, at 31 years old her heart gave out.”

She is survived by her husband, Cory Justus, and the couple’s two sons.

“Please pray for my brother Cory, his two sweet boys, that sweet little girl and our family as we walk this road,” Chris Justus wrote in the post.  

Justus shared one of the last photos taken of the family during one of their evening walks (left).