Sotomayor Hints She Favors TV Cameras in High Court

By Andrew Gauthier 

During the confirmation hearings yesterday, Herb Kohl, Senator from Wisconsin, asked Judge Sonia Sotomayor about her opinion on having cameras in the courtroom.

Sotomayor’s response was diplomatically vague but, as the Wall Street Journal points out, there was a hint that the judge would at least consider the proposition…
Sotomayor hinted she would favor allowing television cameras into the Supreme Court, where the justice she would succeed, David Souter, once said they would enter “over my dead body.” She said she had positive experiences with cameras during some trial runs in the lower courts. She added that collegiality was important on a court and that, if confirmed, she wouldnt she wouldnt badger the justices shed be joining.

I appreciate the fact that if you cant convince them, it wont happen, Kohl pressed. But he wanted to know her position.


I would be a new voice in the discussion, she said.