Sioux City Meteorologist’s Video Warning Viewers Not to Eat Icicles Goes Viral

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

KMEG meteorologist Katie Nickolaou is getting a lot of attention for her PSA telling viewers not to eat icicles.

Nickolaou, the morning meteorologist for the Sioux City, Iowa station, posted a video on TikTok and Twitter with the gross explanation as to why.

She starts her video off with a shot of beautiful icicles, and cuts to another video of someone chomping on one.


“Please don’t do that,” she says in the video. “I’m a meteorologist — I should know. When icicles form, it’s from water that melts off your roof and runs down the side of a building. Well, here’s the thing. You know what else is on your roof? Bird poop. A lot of it.”

She finishes the video with the blunt truth: “You’re eating poop!”

Her video has 1.9 million views. It also made the CBS Morning News Eye Opener segment on Saturday.